Al Bustaan

Heralds peace of mind in the house as well as embraces the environs. It's sweetness embeds in your clothes, which ultimately reflects in the smile on your face!

This premium bukhur has a strong fragrance and an everlasting effect to mind. It is prepared from the best oudh blend with a great earthy perfume, which pleasantly fragrances your and woos all your guests.

From the mountains of Oman, come some of the finest ingredients that make an absolutely breathtaking fragrance! just like its scenic beauty, unmatched and incomparabale to any - Making the entire atmosphere a delight to be in.

Crafted with the most sought out ingredients - it lifts your spirits and makes your special moments, memories that last a lifetime.

The dust of premium oudh is infused with perfume to give a very opulent and pleasant aroma. Making a special occasion even more special.

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